Aboriginal treaty wayne bergmann truth telling needed to happen to stop the white genocide at last http://t.co바카라/l3rW8PcV6d — kipman (@kerbylou) June 25, 2014

@kerbylou @sarahwagner @mccarthy @ta바카라사이트ylorscully @kathytowin @sarahwagner @mccarthy @taylorscully @kathytowin @sarahwagner https://t.co/aDZnGmh6xW — Brien Johnson (@borngraham) June 26, 2014

You don’t do your country wrong. In fact, you may be doing the country right if you don’t. It’s not the fault of the men who kill white women. White men can’t change that. — Sarah Warbejarvees.comlow (@SarahWarbelow) June 26, 2014

@kerbylou @SarahWarbelow That’s so pathetic. I’m shocked that this still makes it into a book. — S. Warbelow (@SWargatrey) June 26, 2014

@kerbylou @sarahwagner @mccarthy @taylorscully @kathytowin @sarahwagner @mccarthy @taylorscully @kathytowin @sarahwagner … #neverdumb pic.twitter.com/N9FdN5hLQf — Brian Williams (@BWilliams_11) June 25, 2014