Raaf targets female recruits with flight camp, offers no evidence

A recent FBI report shows that there was no evidence that the military „tapped“ any women for recruitment at Fort Bragg. This is despite the fact that the women’s training was administered by „female only“ camp at Camp Pendleton.

A Pentagon official said this summer that Camp Pendleton „tapped“ women for its female units. But the report, which includes testimony from three former military personnel, confi바카라사이트rms that women were being recruited from more than a dozen other countries, as documented in the report (pdf) dated April 4, 2015.

The report contains more detail than previously known. It details the use of female-only, „force mitigation“ training in which victims of sexual assault and rape are physically abused, „stunned“ and sexually exploited.

And there’s more.

It says that, in one program, „a recruiter told the female victim that ‘we need to have a male partner’ because otherwise he is a liability and they can’t trust him.“

It states that one recruit „had no experience working with a male in the military and [was] sent to a militar우리카지노y hospital where she had intercourse with one recruit. The victim said that the victim’s brother had previously raped her in the future.“

One of the former victims had an alleged sexual assault three years prior to her arrival in the U.S. in 2007. The woman filed a report that the military allegedly used to terminate her employment. In May 2010, the military found that sexual assault was never the motivation for her employment.

The sexual-misconduct training was apparently used in other places, according to the Pentagon. One recruit is named as the person who allegedly wrote a document saying she „never wanted to date a female in the first place“ because he said she looked down on women.

‘We have had an increase in reports in which they are trying to lure people to join the service’

According to the report, the men and women who were sexually assaulted by recruiters at Camp Pendleton at the time are „likely to remain in service.“

Some of the women in the study were forced to participate in the sexual assault themselves, including when they tried to escape from being sexually assaulted. One woman was reportedly forced by a recruiter to sleep naked on a blanket, which she described as a „brutal“ experience.

One of the women said one male recr더킹카지노uit „harshly“ slapped and kicked her