By Jochen TEXAS RANGERS WOODEN LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Taler and Jan Schmitt, WDR

As a doctor in New cover samsung galaxy a5 2016 liquido York, Stefan Flores fought on the front line against Covid 19. Hardly any other city has hit it as hard as the metropolis of millions and its hospital was overrun. connected patients to machines that completely take over breathing. He had hoped to save her life with it, but it rarely did. patients just all died at the same time during my shift, says Flores. have never experienced something like that. Initial studies indicate extremely high mortality rates with invasive ventilation much more than is usually the BREAKING BENJAMIN SYMBOL 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 case with this treatment. In addition, there is very often consequential damage to the patients who have survived this ventilation, such as infections and serious lung damage.

avoid intubation The risks are high, the success is questionable. Nevertheless, intubation continues to be the norm when ebay cover samsung galaxy s6 Covid 19 takes a particularly severe course. belief is that this is due to the patient serious illness and not the therapy, says pulmonologist Dr. Gerhard Laier Groeneveld from the Lung Clinic Neustadt im Harz. He VALENTINO ROSSI 46 LOGO THE DOCTOR Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus doesn believe that. Instead, he is certain intubation and ventilation are dangerous and that you definitely have to avoid intubation. That why Laier Groeneveld takes a completely different path. At his clinic, he treats Covid 19 patients with breathing masks and with consciousness. He has never intubated a single patient and has not lost a single patient.

Because the hospitals THE HUNDREDS COLLAGE Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in Alsace were congested, his clinic also took SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Sword Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus over four patients from France who had been intubated. would have expected us to continue doing the same, but when we entered our clinic we changed REVENGE EMILY VANCAMP Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus the strategy, cover samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 originale PRINCE PURPLE RAIN CARTOON Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus said Laier Groeneveld. With success. The day before yesterday, two of the patients were TWENTY ONE PILOTS EMOTIONAL ROADSHOW Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus able to travel home to France by AUBURN TIGERS cover samsung s7 calcio 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 helicopter.

Anesthesiologists are for early intubation In Germany his way is rather the exception. Most Covid 19 patients who end up in intensive SANTA CRUZ CAMO SKATEBOARD Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus care units are intubated often for weeks. There are still no reliable figures on how many of them will die. Because many intubated patients are still in treatment.

The President of the German cover samsung j7 2016 milan Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Dr. Rolf Rossaint, thinks that right. His association is considered to THOR SUPERHERO MARVEL Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus be particularly influential and even explicitly recommends early intubation. Thomas Voshaar from the Bethanien hospital in Moers believes VOLTRON COSPLAY Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that intubation is often too early in Germany. Especially in view of the big risks. He believes that the high death rates in other countries be reason enough to question this strategy of early intubation At his clinic, Voshaar also tries to intubate Covid 19 patients only in extreme emergencies. He has only mechanically ventilated one out of 40 patients. This patient subsequently died. Everyone else would have survived. Most of the patients SUPERHEROES SUPERMAN VS BATMAN ICON Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus were able to leave the clinic healed.

Association adheres to recommendations However, the German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine sees no reason to CLASSIC ROCK BAND LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 change the recommendations for the treatment of Covid 19 patients. When asked how KEHLANI TSUNAMI SEXY Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus high the cover samsung galaxy a3 2015 ebay percentage of patients who died after intubation in Germany is reported, this is irrelevant, since it is not the intubation as such that is important, but the severity of the patient illness, which leads to the requirement of a patient DEADPOOL SUPERHERO WITH A BOM Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Intubation and ventilation has resulted In principle, the treatment itself is not questioned.

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